BGAA April 2013 General Meeting Minutes

BGAA General Meeting

BattleGround Library

April 20, 2013


10:05 AM – Welcome:  Hosts – Veronica Lima, Paulette Smith, & Beth Johnson-Burger.

Veronica Lima gave an overview of the agenda, visitation, and refreshments.

BGAA Business:  Beth Johnson-Burger, President, gave a welcome and introduction speech.

Treasurer Report:  Beth Johnson-Burger gave the report as Andy Poole was out of town.  The report showed $5,200.00 balance the first of the year and $7,033.00 balance after the Spring Show.  The Spring Show profit was $1,925.00.

2013 Spring Show:   Michael Kay – Chair, was absent from the meeting, but Beth Johnson-Burger said he did an amazing job.  All present that worked on the show agreed.

Beth gave an after show report:

$950.00 – Silent Auction

$496.00 – Drawings

$149.00 – Donations

$300.00 – Sponsor Donations

 $600.00 -  Cash Awards to Artists

 75 – Artists

191 – Art Pieces (143 – 2D, 48 – 3D)

Beth thanked everyone and said she was still hearing good comments about the

2013 Spring Show.  The BGAA Board wants to hear constructive comments from everyone for show improvements.  We will be working on promoting next years show.

New Events:

May 1, 2013 - BGAA Show at the Battle Ground Library, titled “Visions from Eye to Hand.

July 20-21, 2013 - Harvest Days, held at Battle Ground Community Center.  This will be an Art Show Event with wineries offering tastings at the same time.  The Children’s Art Event will be only two hours this year.  Connie Ford may Chair this event.  A call for volunteers and artwork will go out at a later date.

September, 2013 – BGAA Open Studio Tour.  Everyone should help advertise this event.  More information will be announced later.  If you are interested in the BGAA Open Studio Tour please contact Linda Kliewer.

ovember, 2013 - Arts of Clark County Studio Tour.  A large County wide Studio Tour will be held with fifty professional level artists.  There will be a $25.00 Jury Fee and $75.00 Entry Fee for artists that participate.

Jennifer Williams is putting this event together.  For more information go to

Arts of Clark County Reception held at the Rusty Grape on May 15, 2013.

Barbara Szkutnik took First Place in the Abstract & Non-Objective in the Pastel Journal, The Years Best Pastels show.  For more information go to www.pasteljournal.comor Barbara’s website.

Artist Presentations:  Paulette Smith announced there was a starter story board set up at the back of the room and while our guest speaker was talking members were encouraged to participate by adding a Tandem sentence to the story.  Paulette introduced guest speaker, Liz Elfring.

Liz Elfring -  Poet, has been writing since age ten.  She has published a book of poetry called, “Skewed” My take on the world. Liz said she dabbles in arts and crafts, and hangs out with her friend and fellow author, Jane Poole. Liz’s father was an artist and she grew up in a house of art and took a trip to Europe with her family to see art.

Liz asked the group, “How do you describe creativity”?  Art is a gift, if you are a writer you hear a word and you think in ways to create a story.  Creativity is taking that seed and turning it into something others will enjoy.  We are not going to make everyone happy with our art.  Some people use the right side of their brain which is the imaginative and creative side, others use the left side of the brain which is the logical side, and some people use both.

So what do you do to feed creativity?  CD’s and books to calm and bring out creativity.  Liz uses Word magnets to help develop sentences with outside sources using beads in a bowl, pieces of fabric, etc.   Write ideas on anything.  Liz carries a book around with her and writes down a word or sentence which she refers back to now and then to inspire her.

Liz told the group to try something outside the normal art form to help when you can’t create.  Visit an art shows, museums, and galleries.  It is important to know what you like, but also what you don’t like.  Always have pen and paper, camera, etc. with you to put down ideas.  Don’t edit yourself while creating, grab that opportunity and stir up passion.

Liz handed out tickets earlier for a drawing.  Pat LaCroix won Liz Elfring’s book, Skewed.  Beth Johnson-Burger won Magnetic Poetry the Game.  The members discussed how they can create or get the creative spark.

Pat LaCroix - Battle Ground Representative on the Clark County Arts Commission. 

Pat received a grant to work on statistical analysis for Clark Country.  She will do presentations and art groups and meet with City Councils. 

Pat said there are eleven members on the Clark County Arts Commission and eight of them are representatives of cities within Clark County.  The commission has to follow government rules: 501-3C and Annual Report showed by every Clark County Arts Commission representative at their prospective cities.

Pat LaCroix will be attending the Arts and Council Summit Cultural Congress this year and will be a member on a panel.  In 2011 Cultural Congress Artists Trust a non-profit was created for training artists about the business of doing art.  This includes giving grants, workshops and training.  The Edge Program – Port Townsend received $750.00.  Karen Madson is the representative for Clark County Arts and travels and gives talks.

Artist Trust website includes seventy-five different art organizations links in Clark County.  There are 4988 art related jobs in private sector.  Talking to the Chamber of Commerce, yes we are part of this economy.  Nineteen million was made from artists, performing arts, and writers.

Cdi index:  The mean is one and everything compared to national average of one.  The Clark County Index is .528.  Clark County has no performing arts center or arts center.  The County does have symphonies and a historical fort which the commission will be talking about in the next year.

Pat is working on a pamphlet for Clark Count as her grant final.  There is a lot happening in Clark County and the commission puts out a monthly newsletter which can be located on their website,  Pat said there is registry on the website members can sign up and put addresses.  It has artist’s resources and seminars.

The representatives of the Clark County Arts Commission are working on getting information out to the public and are in formative stage.  Meetings are the 4thTuesday of every month at 6:30 pm, 6thfloor of the County Building.

There is a Public Art Display at City Hall and at the Library in Vancouver.  There is a theater group for fifty and over called Vavavoom, and a vaudeville group

The Arts Commission writes letters in support of grants.  Time spent working on the Clark County Arts Commission equates $21.46 per hour value to the community.

Group Activity:  Paulette Smith asked the members to get in pairs and talk with each other about personal things, and then each member would tell the whole group a few things about their partner.  It was a fun way to get to know our membership

Art Share: 

Pat LaCroix showed a beautiful collection of mosaics and cameo jewelry.

Rick Knox showed a beautiful wood clock he made from walnut turned with several coats of lacquer called “Time Fly’s Against the Wall”.

Teresa Anderson showed a paper mache cat that she is in the process of completing with fellow members Veronica Lima and Cheryl Hazen.  They learned the process while working with members of the Battle Ground Rose Float committee. 

Paulette Smith and Veronica Lima read the Tandem sentences.

New Business:  Beth asked for volunteers to put together the August meeting.  Linda Kliewer, Cherie Broschat, and Teresa Anderson volunteered to serve on the committee.

Meeting Adjourned:  12:20