BGAA April 2015 Quarterly Meeting

BGAA General Meeting Battle Ground Library April 18, 2015, 11:15 AM

Greeting: Brandi Rink greeted members and introduced new members and guests: Laura Mae Miller joined at the meeting. Brandi introduced Beth Johnson-Burger to give the Business Meeting Report.

Business Report – Beth Johnson-Burger:

Beth gave a brief Spring Show update. Fourteen pieces of art were sold at the Spring Show. The show had 550 visitors which was a 10% increase over the previous year. Show expenses were approximately $4,500.00. Show Income was approximately $6,700.00. The Treasurer, Andy Poole will provide a financial report at a later date. It was determined that the average price of art sold was $200.00. The Silent Auction increased sales due to the “Buy It Now” policy. Putting this verbiage on the bottom of each bid sheet in red will help next year’s Silent Auction.

Beth Johnson-Burger asked the membership go give a round of applause for Michael Kay, the BGAA Spring Show Chair. Thank you to Vickey Schell and Linda Deal for preparing the Reception Food which was wonderful. A big thanks to Vickey Schell and her husband for donating the food. Thanks to all the show chairs and volunteers that worked on the show and to everyone that is a BGAA member. Beth asked we give a Thank you to Show and Artist Sponsors, the community, and our judges. The judges do a wonderful job.

Beth asked everyone to respond to the Spring Show Survey e-mail that Cheryl Hazen, BGAA President sent out. Feedback is important to make the show better in the future.

Debrief Artist Trust Workshop – Garri Linardos:

The Washington Art Alliance spoke about the workshop “I Am an Artist”, Professional Presentation. The cost was $100 - $175.00. Myrna and Garri attended the last workshop. The next workshop will be held in Walla Walla. Garri said she received a sixty-four page portfolio of material.  Garri handed out a few pages she copied for the members comprised of Six Components of a Professional Presentation. 1. Work Samples, 2. Cover Letter, 3. Artist Statement, 4. Resume, 5. Narrative Biography, and 6. Supplemental Materials. See attachment.

Every Artist must work on an Elevator Speech. Artist Statements must be simple so everyone understands when you are talking about your media. One section of your Resume should describe your awards with dates listed first. List several items under one date before going to the next date and the most current information listed first. Garri said to try avoid gaps when listing your awards and information by date. The artist Biography should be simplified and in third person.

Every artist needs a good archiving system. Start at Database to keep track of art and what has sold.

Garri said they worked on their Elevator Speeches and went to the Gallery to meet and network and give Elevator Speeches. Tell people the type of media artist you are, what you are currently working on and where they can see your work. Business Cards must have contact information on them, including email and webpage if you have one. Pictures showing examples of your work are good on the business cards. is a good site to get these done. An artist must describe who they are, what their art media is, and where people might find their art.

A big thank you to Garri Linardos for the great informational presentation.

Break for refreshments and Ice Breaker – Who Am I – Jim Martin

Laminated pictures of mammals, birds, insects, etc. were attached with cords and put over members’ heads to hang down their backs so they couldn’t see them. Members then had to visit with other members and ask each other questions to determine what the picture was. This was a great ice breaker and all the members seemed to enjoy it.

Presentation: Did You Know Art Lives in Your Brain? - Jim Martin

Jim Martin was a teacher for years teaching 5th through college. As a teacher Jim got interested in the brain. He said over our life we absorb images in the brain.

Jim showed slides of pictures of the brain and named the various sections that handle different functions. Jim said you get information from both halves of the brain and between both sides. The last twenty to thirty years people have been looking at these connectors, which is called the Connectome. Jim explained that image is made in one part sending the image to the front cortex where information on working memory takes place. Visual area is in the back of the brain.

Jim discussed or showed parts of the brain that controls the physical touch, the part of the brain that plans and holds memories. Stress can interfere with functions. The brain is like several computers running applications that interact. The temporal Lobe takes care of language. Certain parts of the brain control muscles which we use on art.

Artists tend to be much better at living in the world. Because they have concepts and tell people their concepts. Art therapy opens up the brain of Alzheimer patients for a brief period. How does it relate to art? You carry memories all through your brain. You see something, our brain sets up a working memory. The brain says what the item is (colors, shapes, etc.) then goes out to other memories, the Limbic System, which says you are interested. Then you get excited and then a part of the visual gets you more excited, the planning part works on the steps of how you are going to execute the piece of art. This process is taking you into yourself. You in art define who you are. Arts and humanities put you in touch with who you are and your art expresses yourself. Art uses all the brain to do the work. The left side and the right side.

Thank you Jim Martin for explaining how we as artists use all our brain’s functions to create beautiful art.


May 1-2, 2015 – Ridgefield Arts Association 23rd Anniversary of the Annual Spring Art Fair and Sale. Student Art displayed in small room and adult art displayed in large room. Reception on Friday. Open on Friday 6-9:00 pm and Saturday 10-5:00 pm at the Ridgefield Community Center. No entrance fee.

May 2, 2015 - Front Porch Sale, Gallery 360. Artwork must be at the gallery by 9:15am, Saturday, May 2nd. No entry Fee, but Gallery 360 will retain a 35% commission on art sales (25% for Mosaic members). The first 8 artists to sign up by phone or in person will be accepted.

May 14-17, 2015, Society of Washington Artists Annual Spring Show and Sale. Admission is free – Open to the Public. Public Viewing and Sales: Thursday & Friday, 8am-7:00pm; Saturday, 8am – 8:00pm; Sunday, 10am – 5:00pm. Artist Reception, Saturday, May 16, 2015, 6-8pm; Awards at 7:00pm.

May 31, 2015, - Clark County Studio Tour application deadline. Go to the Open Studios Call-for-Artists web page for all the details and the online application. Preview exhibit and artists reception: First Friday November 6, 2015, 5-9 pm Open Studios tour: Sat-Sun, November 14-15, 2015, 10 am to 5 pm

July 4-5, 2015 & July 11-12, 2015 – Amboy Art Show, Amboy Territorial Days. Artists must take art to the Amboy Museum on July 3, 2015, and will be required to work a period of time during the show. The Amboy Museum requests 10% commission.

July 18, 2015 – Harvest Days. One day show to include: Regular art, miniature art, student art, vendor section, wine tasting, and musician section in the Community Room of the Battle Ground Community Center. Entries allowed will be determined on the amount of interested artists. Commission is 20% on sales.

Dottie Kay and Beth Johnson-Burger are working to put upcoming BGAA Events on the BGAA website. Dottie Kay, Beth Johnson-Burger, and Jane Poole continue to work on public relations.

Art Share and Discussion:

Kathy Winters showed a watercolor painting she calls Anticipation. She asked the membership to look closely and try to figure out how she came up with the name.

Diane Springer showed a piece she created by taking the top off a gourd and turning it upside down, then carving it. She then showed another gourd she decorated with Celtic design. The Celtic Art was not Diane’s and so she will not put it in a show. This brought out a discussion of the ethics of art.

Jim Martin said he is color blind. After the Navy he did large block prints. Now he takes photos like oil on wet streets and uses photo shop elements to bring more blue out of the oil. Jim takes the darks down and brightens other areas to show contrast.

Other Business: Michael Kay will build new BGAA show plinths with Phil Burger and a friend.

The Gathering of the Guild at the Coliseum next weekend. Demonstrations and different contests.

August 15, 2015 General Meeting and Social: Committee members are: Teresa Anderson, Vicki Schell, and Linda Deal

Meeting Adjourned: 1:25 pm