BGAA April General Meeting Minutes

BGAA General Meeting

BattleGround Library

April 21, 2012


10:00 AM – Welcome:  Visiting, food – provided by Connie Ford

BGAA Business:  Meeting Chair – Linda Kliewer, President – Jane Poole.

New Member and Visitor Introduction:  Tawnya Gentleman – fantasy oil art.

Hilarie Couture – Gallery 360, watercolor, glass, pastel, and oil.  She showed charcoal drawing from Mary Ann Stokes drawing class which is held on Wednesdays, and said she is a Mosaic member of 360 Vancouver.

Michael Kay - showed examples of printing services digital art and stated the cost is less than $100.00 depending on size.

Wade Nutter – Welder from Battle Ground Taxidermy, oil painter and decorative metals.

Alexis Balkowitsch – Graphic Artist.

Dianne Earnest – Watercolor and hobbyist.

Member Art Display and Discussion:  Bev Winther - Showed examples of her marbling art which is done with alum and acrylic paint on paper.  Bev said more classes with be available in June.

Diane Springer – Showed her current gourd art and asked membership for advice.

Mary Jo Lewis - quilts on display of the meeting room in the Library.

Treasurer Show Report:  Andy Poole

There were 165 entrees in the Spring Show which raised approximately $1,800.00 net income.  The Silent Auction did well and there is approximately $5,000.00 in the BGAA account.  Andy announced he still had wine left from the show that was for sell to the members.

Harvest Days:  Third week of July.  Project for children and place for art to be sold.

August General Meeting and Social:  Third Saturday in August.  Chair – Hilarie Couture, Connie Ford and Vicki Schell.

Studio Tour:  An artist studio planned by Linda Kliewer and Leese Pohl is scheduled for July 25, 2012.  The tour is for BGAA Members and guests.  Linda said they are looking at four studio artists joined by seven non studio artists.  The tentative fee is $5.00 which would include a map to each studio location and would be punched and turned in at the last studio for chances at a drawing.  More details will follow.

Generation Show:  Gallery 360

September joint show with MOSAIC at Gallery 360:  Beth Johnson-Burger gave a presentation about the child/adult show, answering questions from members.  Beth said Gallery 360 didn’t have enough of BGAA members sign up for the show.  Beth distributed show applications at the meeting.  The show will run the month of September.

BGAA Scholarship Award Recipient – Kelly Keigwan:

Kelly showed her art and spoke to the membership.  She has worked with paint, photography, video, installations, metals and ceramics, though mixed media collage is her favorite.

Kelly had a show in Vancouver, Washington, about “Things We Carry Through Life” with Chris, an artist friend from Portland, Oregon.  She plans to do another combined show with Chris in Portland next time.

Kelly is working on a photo journal of real American small businesses which she showed the membership.  She hopes to develop it as a commentary and photo show later on.  Kelly showed her collage on Plexiglas artwork and gave a brief explanation of her technique.  She hopes to get into a Seattle or San Francisco show with larger work in collage on Plexiglas.  Kelly’s art has been evolving in the last five years and she now teaches children pottery classes, works with teens with photo shop at Clark College.  She has been working with metal and ceramics at Clark College this past year.

Graphic Web Design – Eric Langlitz:

Eric has been working graphic web design since 2001 and freelance since 2007.  He caters to small and medium businesses with most of his clients from the east coast.  Eric showed examples of his work on his laptop and talked about developing artist websites.

Square Space is a website building site which is a fair price with a fourteen day free trial.  Eric explained that the artist should buy a Domain Name first and would custom own it for life.  There was a discussion of artist websites and problems with them.  Eric suggested that keywords be used so the artist website could easily be found.  Example:  Nature Paintings, then grouped under water or tree paintings.  He said it important to be linked to other websites that are art related.  Art supply companies can link to your websites also.  Relative content and fresh content is important.  Blogs help.

Eric explained that Subscription sites are owned by the company, while self hosted works with templates.  He suggested one site:  which can customize and cost approximately $50.00 and works with Word press.  Theme templates are good for showing own artwork.  It was suggested that counters on websites were helpful.  Eric said to Google Analytics which provides more accounting information on people visiting your website and it’s free.  Eric distributed website hosting price sheets.

Other Announcements:  Ridgefield Art Show and Sale is scheduled for May 11&12, 2012, at the Ridgefield Community Center.  This show is their scholarship fundraiser.

Meeting Adjourned:  Noon