BGAA August 2013 General Meeting Minutes

BGAA General Meeting

BattleGround Library

August 24, 2013

10:00 AM – Welcome:  Visiting, food – provided by Cherie Broschet.

BGAA Business:  Meeting Chair – Linda Kliewer, President – Beth Johnson-Burger

Financial Report:  The July 31st statement showed enough money to cover commitments.  Harvest Days event brought in $219.00.  The Open Studio Tour will have expenses for the printing of brochures, yard signs, etc.

Meet and Greet:  Teresa Anderson passed out puzzle pieces to the membership to meet and greet each other trying to locate missing pieces of their puzzles.  The puzzle groups were then given the task of creating art related words out of the title, “Battle Ground Art Alliance”.

Harvest Days:  Connie Ford – Chair.  Beth Johnson-Burger and the membership present gave Connie Ford, Diane Springer, and Cherie Broschet a big thank you for all their work on Harvest Days.  There were twenty-nine BGAA artists, student art, and Ruby Newton winner at BGSD art show was featured.  Ruby is currently working with Curtis Miller, Battle Ground Buzz on a project.

Children ages 6-16 were given a clipboard with a form asking art related questions while they walked through the show looking at the art.  The completed forms were then entered in a drawing for $50.00 of art supplies.  The children were engaged in the activity and the parents were involved.

Diane Springer and Linda Kliewer conducted hands on demonstrations during the Children’s Art Activities.  Linda Kliewer also put together a flower arrangement in a pair of Connie’s cowboy boots.

A big thank you to the BG Chamber of Commerce for putting BGAA on the Street Banner, post cards, etc. and thanks to the Battle Ground community.  Harvest Days was a huge success!

Open Studio Tour:  September 14, 2013, Chair - Linda Kliewer.

This Studio Tour is the first open one for BGAA and to achieve success all of us must participate and get the word out. Press Releases are out.  Additional online entries will be submitted prior to the event.  Brochures are printed with a map on the back and were distributed at the meeting.  Thank you goes to Tom Wheeler who designed the brochure and had it printed.  Thank you goes to Michael Kay for designing and printed yard signs for each Studio to use.

Digital announcement is on the BGAA website and on Face Book.  Beth Johnson-Burger will send out an e-mail to the membership.  Each studio will have a BGAA Donation Jar.  Art will be sold by each artist at the studios.

BGAA Scholarship Award Recipient – North Bank Artist Gallery.

They are providing a series of art talks.  The first one is scheduled for September 25thand the topic is “How we as artists can create an elevator speech for our work”.  October 9this Bonnie Laing Malcomsom, Northwest Artists.  October 25th, Lynn Taylor will present “Helping to Thrive the Pearl District.  All of these are free to attend and promotes art in the community.

Other art events include:  Oregon Potter’s Association Show at North Bank Gallery, featuring SW Washington members.  1stFriday in Vancouver (downtown) is opening night.  The show runs through September.  Alcove Gallery – Guest artists.  Beth Johnson-Burger will e-mail the membership and put the information on the BGAA website.

Cyndi Rivers – Bronze Sculptor:  A Bronze Sculptor artist that was always interested in various art forms showed her first bronze and another one that was mounted.  Cyndi took sculpture at Oregon State University, and then worked for thirty-three plus years as a Telephone Engineer, Planning Engineer, and a back burner artist creator.  She retired in 2009 and volunteered to work in Rosetta’s Studio in Loveland, Colorado.  Cyndi then switched to oil based clay sculpting and moved to Washington March 2012.

Inspired by the animal kingdom and loves 3-D impressionistic, between abstract and realistic.  She showed pictures of her work and her studio on an overhead projector. Cyndi announced a show in Ridgefield on May 2-3, 2014.  The show is open to everyone.

Cyndi showed the members the original Emma in clay to bronze.  A flexible silicone rubber is brushed onto the original artwork then covered with a rigid material called “Mother Mold” made of plaster resin. Rosetta makes items small and then enlarges them using a machine that cuts into Styrofoam crating a larger replica which they cover with clay and start process again.  Wax is poured in, and then a ceramic investment is sprayed on six to eight layers, put in a kiln and the wax melted out.  Bronze ingots are melted and poured in.  The investment is taken off and seams worked on.  The finish on a piece is called the patina.  A base is often made to mount the artwork on, and then the piece is ready for show.  The display at Maryhill Museum includes models of the clay to bronze process. Mary Hill Museum has permanent collection examples of the famous sculptor, Rodin.

Tina Hunter – Google Art Project:  Tina showed the membership how to walk through a virtual tour of any gallery on line.  Type in then click on this website.  Click on Collections found at the top of the webpage. Then click on Museum View Only with the person symbol and you can find a list of museum collections to view.  Tina also showed the membership how to search by artist and how to view all his/her works of art.  She said you can type in a museum name and you can walk through the gallery and click on any art work, and then zoom in on it.  You can also search by art media.  This is a wonderful way to explore museums when you can’t travel to them in person.

Tina told the group that Amazon now sells fine art.  Once you log onto Amazon, click on Collectables and Fine Art.  Jane Poole suggested we set up a virtual gallery of our own art listed on the BGAA website.  It was suggested Tom Wheeler look into this.

The membership was reminded to visit the BGAA webpage and to click on Face Book icon and sign in if they ant to share more of their art.  Send Tina pictures of your art to and she will create an album for each of our members.

Fine Art America magazine will give you a webpage for the yearly subscription fee of $35.00.  Saatchi, a newsletter out of London is another source.

Diane Springer – Gourd Artist:  As the oldest of five children, Diane said she was always teaching her siblings and that led to her seeking teaching degree.  She said she debated whether to get a minor in Math or Art.  Diane chose Math as she felt teaching art would take away from her creativity.  Diane became an Artist in Residence to 2ndthrough 5thgrades anyway.

Diane retired nine years ago from Grants Pass, Oregon and moved to Battle Ground and joined BGAA.  She said she bought her first gourd at a farmer’s market and set it on her mantle.  Her husband bought her a decorated gourd.

About fifteen years ago Diane took a two hour class from Home Extension on how to grow and decorate gourds.  Her first gourds had a Native American Theme.  She decided to decorate gourds for the BGAA spring art show and won a ribbon.  Diane tried to grown her own gourds in her backyard.  Her yard was full of green plants through the summer and when fall came and she cleared away leaves and vines she found only a couple rotten gourds.  She discovered it takes one hundred thirty days of full sun or 80 degrees for fifty days to grow gourds.  Diane orders from Arizona and California to get the thick shell gourds. 

Gourds are in the same family as pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers.  There are three types of gourds; hard shell, decorative, and luffa.  Hard shell gourd plants have a white flower that opens at night and you might have to hand-pollinate them with a paint brush. Gourds are hybrids and cross pollinate.  After you pull vines aside and see green gourds, they need to dry for six months to a year.  Diane receives her gourds dry and soaks the moldy gourd in water and wraps in a wet rag.  She demonstrated the removal of the mold as she used a scratch pad to scrape off the mold.  She uses a curetted tool to scrape dried membranes out of dried gourds.  Diane passed around a gourd with the top cut off and covered with cellophane so members could see the inside.

Diane said acrylic paint is easiest thing to decorate gourds.  She paints and varnishes them, making Christmas ornaments out of small ones.  Diane paints very tiny gourds for necklaces.

Diane passed around examples of painted gourds and ones that have cut out shapes.  She wears a small particle mask when she uses a jig saw to cut into the dry gourd.  A Dremel is another tool she uses.  Diane showed a gourd bird house she made.  She used Femo Clay to make a lid to put on top of one gourd.  She cuts gourds in half and makes wall masks.  Leftover pieces cut from the gourd are decorated and made into pins or necklaces.

Diane took a wood burning and weaving class.  She passed around an example of her work incorporating that method.  The last two examples she passed around were decorated with rocks and fabric.  She has 70 to 100 untouched gourds at her home.

Diane showed books on gourds.  In her lifetime gourds will continue to entertain her.

Member Art Display and Discussion: 

Michael Kay – Showed how 3-D art can be photographed, layered, and textured to print on canvas and create 2-D.

Cheryl Hazen and Teresa Anderson took a class from Battle Ground Rose Float and after working on birds for the float decided to work on their own projects.  They showed paper Mache cat art pieces they made from paper, cardboard, and adhesive mixture.  They were then painted and sealed with a protective resin.

October General Meeting and Social:

October 19, 2013.  Chair – Cheryl Hazen, Lucy Krantz, and Vickey Seagull-Schell.

Other Announcements: 

Clark County Arts Association has given a first Lifetime Achievement Award to Austin Barton, a 93 year old Bronze Artist who lives in Battle Ground.  The presentation will be on CBTV tonight.

Carol Degregory’s art hangs on the wall of the BG Library.

Birdfest was announced and Flyers available in the BG Library announcing the October event.

Sunday - Collage Work Shop held at VOCA 906 Harney, Vancouver, WA from 1:00-6:00pm.  Poet Laureate there to participate.  Free to public 100 Thousand Poets, an International Poetry Day held on September 28, 2013.  An all-day poetry event at VOCA, 906 Harney, Vancouver starting at 10:30 a.m. Class for poetry by Christopher Luna, Poet Laureate, collage party and open mike readings by authors.

Beth Johnson-Burger announced she will send out an e-mail to the membership regarding the theme for next year’s art show.

Meeting Adjourned