BGAA January 2014 General Meeting Minutes

BGAA General Meeting

BattleGround Library

January18, 2014


10:05 AM – Welcome and Introduction: Jane Poole, Marilyn Leahy, and Mike Waters committee members.

Presentation by Marianne Stokes:  Marianne Stokes (artist/designer/portraits).  Marianne is President of many art associations.  Marianne has a couple of degrees but said you don’t need a degree to be an artist that produces good artwork.  Marianne teaches and her favorite art media is whatever she is currently working on.  She works in oil, pastels, and watercolor.

Marianne showed examples of art from the Free Model Guild.  Everyone sits for twenty minutes when called on.  The group meets twice a week year round.  Marianne showed examples of the twenty minute artwork.

Marianne said she is excellent at lifting and she doesn’t always use the best quality paper.  She uses a lifting process to remove or change a watercolor image that is on paper.  Certain types of brushes are used and patience is required to slowly remove the painted image without damaging the paper.  Marianne then showed an example of painting on wood, using two different medias acrylic and watercolor.  Marianne showed a sculptural piece with oil painted background and attached paper with glue and paint over it.

Marianne hired Robin Bickle, one of the Clark County Studio Tour Artist and a licensed an Architect.  She teaches technical but the creativity is most times what is more important.

Marianne then took time to critiques members artwork at the meeting.  Next month she will be giving a demo in perspective on tile. Marianne sold her watercolor painting of horses to a BGAA member at the meeting.

BGAA Business:   President – Beth Johnson-Burger

BGAA 2014 Art Spring Show:  Theme:  Celebrate The Rain. Spring Show Chair:  Michael Kay.  Beth asked members to signup on the volunteer sheets provided at the meeting.  This will be the thirteenth show and is scheduled for March 22 – 23, 2014.  Show setup is March 20, 2014, Check in will be March 21, 2014, 9:00am to 1:00pm.

The following Chairs volunteered at the meeting:

Setup/Take Down Chair:  Mike Waters

Host/Greeting Chair:  Vickey Seagul Schell

Donation Table Sitting Chair:  Kathy Winters

Silent Auction & Drawing Table Call for Art:  Cheryl Hazen will be contacting members for items.

Financial Report:  Treasurer - Andy Poole said the 2013 Financial Report was attached to the e-mail that Beth Johnson-Burger sent to the general membership.  BGAA Income has increased each year.  The Spring Show is where BGAA makes most of its money.

Andy reminded members to pay their membership dues by January 31, 2014, the discount dues is only $20.00.  It will go back to original dues price of $25.00 on February 1, 2014.

Meet and Greet:  Marilyn Lehey asked members to ask three people why they do the art they do.  Then a break for refreshments.

Beth Johnson-Burger introduced two new members, Ed Alias and Wanita Haron.

Presentation by Mike Waters:   “Bushido the art of Introduction of the Samurai Sword”Mike said his interest is in Martial Arts Study, collecting Japanese swords involving the artistry of these weapons.  Mike said because of the quality and workmanship it takes ten different people and up to a month to make a sword.  Mike showed examples of his sword collection.

The swords have a hard outside and soft inside.  The blood groove along some blades is called a Fuller.  This adds strength and is lighter in weight. They used Magnolia wood for the scabbard as it wouldn’t damage the blade.  Sting Ray skin was used on the handle over wood for grip. Swords didn’t change for several hundred years.  Human is a tempered line.  Painting clay on the blade and scratching it away and after heating the blade and dipping it in water it hardened the blade.  Materials used in the forge (charcoal/coal) affect the final quality of the steel.

Mike showed overhead pictures to demonstrate.  He showed a photo of a man working with sword blade on a wet stone to sharpen.  A specialist polisher is called Togi.  Wausaukee used by Samurai used finger stones on the Hamon.  Swords are usually 24” to 26” in length.  Swords from Japan are expensive.  Mike showed an example of a World War II sword and another by Dragon Fly Forges in Oregon made from steel cable.  People will just learn one part of making the sword like the handle.  Mike then showed folding and sandwiching examples.  They work with it in a dark area to look for the color glow to get the correct strength.

Manchuria used material from English bridges to chop up and make into swords.  They incorporated a cross into the Tsuba (the guard) because of the Jesuit period.  Swords were passed down through families.  Sword techniques changed after fighting with the Mongols because they wore leather protection.  Most swords have signature of maker and Emperor of the time.  Some people collect just the Tsubas and they are valued at $200.00 to $400.00 for people that collect them.

Mike said he refurbished swords, taking dents out and polishing them using 400 grit sandpaper, diamond paste, horse hairs, and antler powder.  He also rebuilds handles.  Mike said it costs $80.00 for a Sting Ray skin from Japan.  Each sword is unique and has a story behind it.  Mike then demonstrated his practice with the sword and the sounds of the blade in use for the members.

Member Art Display and Discussion:

Ken Meyer brought beautiful photos of a Loon, waterfall, Oregon coast, etc.  He said the luster on the photos is metallic paper.

April 2014 General Meeting and Social:  Committee members are:  Brandi Rink, Beth Johnson-Burger, and Melisse Laing.

Other Announcements:

Area artists are invited to participate in the Columbian Artists 38thAnnual Juried Spring Art Show to be held March 22ndthrough April 13that the Three Rivers Mall, 3513 Three Rivers Drive, Kelso, WA.  The Prospectus is available on their website,

Artist work is hanging at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit till March 5, 2014.  Cheryl Hazen is working through the membership list A-Z asking three to four members at a time to show their art at this location for one to two months.

“Brush Offs” painters will meet every Tuesday morning from 9:00 to 11:30 at Battle Ground Community United Methodist Church at 10300 NE 199thStreet.

February 14, 2014, 7:00 – 11:00pm, Valentine’s Day Country Shindig – Live Concert & Dance held at the Battle Ground Community Center, 912 E Main Street, for the Battle Ground Veterans Memorial Project.

Meeting Adjourned:  12:00