BGAA January 2015 Quarterly Meeting

BGAA General Meeting
Battle Ground Library
January 17, 2015

Greeting: Pat La Croix greeted members and introduced new members and guests: Carolyn Cook, Laura Mae Miller, and Cheri Pfister. Pat introduced Cheryl Hazen, BGAA’s new President.

Business Report – Cheryl Hazen, President: Introduced the new BGAA Board Members:

President – Cheryl Hazen
V-President – Julia Koch
Secretary - Teresa Anderson
Treasurer – Andy Poole
Publicity - VACANT (currently 3-women committee)
Historian – Tina Hunt
Membership Chair – Tom Wheeler
Member At Large – Beth Johnson-Burger
Member At Large – Jane Poole
Member At Large – Brandi Rink

Treasurer Report: Andy Poole, submitted the 2014 Finances for BGAA, January 1 – December 31, 2014. Income Total: $9,054.07, Income was from membership dues, general donations and 2014 Spring Show. Expenses: $8,230.41, the major expenses were the 2014 Spring Show, purchase of two sets of standards, and scholarships awarded.
Bank Balance on 10/31/2014: $7,171.10. Andy said he files the short form every year for non-profit under $25,000.00.

2015 Spring Show: Michael Kay, Chair: Michael gave a report listing each of the Spring Show Committee Heads and a brief description of that committee. He asked for volunteers for each of the committees and provided sign in sheets.

Call to Artist will go out the end of January. The Show Theme is: “Spaces In Between”
Artists are allowed three entries, one can be a theme piece. The Prospectus and Entry Form is on the BGAA website.

2015 BGAA Spring Show Committee Heads:

Adjudication – Beth Johnson-Burger
Awards including People’s Choice – Diane Springer
Check In – Teresa Anderson
Check Out – Beth Johnson-Burger
Display/Hanging – Jane Poole, Pat LaCroix
Donation Solicitation: - Cheryl Hazen
Drawing Table – Kathy Winters
Fund Raising – Beth Johnson-Burger and Cheryl Hazen
Hosting/Sitting -
Music – Cheryl Hazen
Publicity – Committee of Beth Johnson-Burger, Cheryl Hazen, Linda Kliewer,
Jane Poole, and Dotty Kay
Reception – Vickey Seagull Schell
Silent Auction – Tom Wheeler
Set Up/Take Down – Tom Wheeler

Michael said there needs to be one person over the Silent Auction and Donation Table to make phone calls, etc.

The Silent Auction donations usually total fifteen but last year there were twenty-one. The Silent Auction will be run like e-bay this year where a maximum amount determined by the donor will be listed as a Buy It Now price. There are those who willing to make a purchase but will not be available for the bidding and this change should address that problem and allow for maximum income. The Silent Auction brought in over $1,200.00 last year.

The Donation Table tickets will again be $1.00 each, $5.00 for 6, or $10.00 for fifteen.

Beth Johnson-Burger said that Fund Raising is how BGAA gets all the artists Sponsor Awards. Members also donate cash when paying dues.

Michael said there is still a vacancy for the Hosting/Sitting Committee and he was looking for a volunteer.

Members interested in helping with the Set up/Take Down Committee should meet at Linda Kliewer’s home on Thursday, March 19, 2015, 1:15pm to load supplies.

Break/Word Activity: Teresa Anderson handed out a Bird Word Search sheet to each member to work on while enjoying refreshments. Pat Stanfield won with thirty-five out of thirty-eight birds. Garri Linardos was second with thirty-one. Both received art supplies.

Art Share and Discussion:

Tina Hunter - Showed results of her Andamento Mosaic she had started when she gave a presentation at a prior quarterly meeting. She showed Vermiculatum around the main vocal piece, another of Regulatum showing a regular laying of the pattern, Circumactum, fan pattern and circular motion abstract. She plans to put them above her workstation.

Linda Kliewer- Showed a colored clay art piece with wash and cutouts. Linda said she stared working a different way and likes the floating lid. The clay she uses has a lot of iron creating the natural color and color of the wash. Linda passed around her art piece and asked for critique from the membership.

Melisse Laing – Announced her show of new works, “Sticks and Lines” Fabric Artist Show on the Sixth Floor Gallery of the Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin Street, Vancouver. Her work will be on display through March 2015.

Marion Walter - Acrylic artist showed a painting she did of her Rose of Sharon.

Garri Linardos, - Member of Modern Quilt Club showed two of her quilts based on the Bridges of Portland Collection. She chose Burnside Bridge and showed a picture of the bridge, a draft drawing for her quilt, and the finished quilt. She showed another quilt which took inspiration from the bridge crossing which included cigarette butts. Each quilter was required to use one half yard of fabric from the Portland Bridge Collection for their quilts.

Sondra Smith - Showed a beautiful floral design on soft porcelain plate.

Louise Tucker – announced the finish of the clay model for the BG Rose Float. The Festival Theme this year is “Having a Blooming Good Time”. Battle Ground’s float theme is “Blooming and Grooving”. BG Rose Float will have a display table at the Spring Show,

Pat LaCroix – announced openings on the Clark County Arts Commission, (Yacolt, County at Large, and Vancouver). Pat represents City of Battle Ground. Anyone one interested should contact Pat LaCroix or the Clark County Arts Commission.


January 24, 2015, 5:30pm - Artist Trust Meeting at North Bank Gallery, Main Street, Vancouver. Meet and greet party for the two day workshop called, “I am an Artist”.

February 1, 2015, North Bank Gallery. Sixteen BGAA members featured in the show with several artists showing more than one art piece.

February 6, 2015, 5:30-7:30pm - First Friday Art Walk Opening Reception. Please visit Gallery 360, Aurora Gallery, and North Bank Gallery showing some of our member art.

February 6-7, 2015 - Antique Sale will be held at the Clark County Fair Grounds.

Other Business: Discussion on changing the Spring Show to a juried show in the future to address the amount of entries. Pictures are normally sent in of artwork along with entry form for acceptance in a juried show. The BGAA Spring Show is not juried, but judged at this time.

Tom Wheeler brought a tub of electrical lamps and fixtures from the BGAA inventory that was no longer used and available to the members prior to donation.

April 18, 2015 General Meeting and Social: Committee members are: Brandi Rink, Jim Martin, and Beth Johnson-Burger.

Meeting Adjourned: 2:30pm