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Tom Wheeler - solo show at the BG Library gallery

I will be showing at the Battle Ground Library gallery July & August 2014.  There will be a number of new river paintings, and a couple new portraits. 

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Artists Studio Tour

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Pictures from our BGAA Christmas Party!

We had a great time at our Christmas party, lots of fun meeting and getting to know several new people too. 

Beth Beth, our new BGAA President for 2013-2014

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I have an art show coming up in Hood River

Hi guys,

I have a show coming up.  I'm showing 7 paintings at The Pines Art Gallery in Hood River, OR. The show opens Friday Nov 2, 2012.  If you happen to be out that way next month, stop on by!  These aren't new paintings, so you've probably seen them before if you're familiar with my work.  But, if you're looking for something to do, head over!

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BGAA Artists Studio Tour

JULY 28 is the BGAA Studio Tour - Looks like a really fun day! 
I know I've been working like crazy to finish up my studio, this has given me a big push.  I may not have the sheet-rock all done, but we just finished up the insulation.. that was a bigger job than I thought it would be!  Even if it's not completely finished, I'll be in there working on a painting.. so please come and bring your friends!

Here is a link to the event, with a google map to all the studios: 

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Photoshop for artists - tech demo

Here's a quick handout to go along with my tech presentation today.  It's really just the very basics and doesn't go into photoshop too much.  There's a lot I could cover, to really learn Photoshop well it's a good idea to go through a book or even take a class. This document covers the basics of:

  • Photographing
  • Cropping 
  • Image sizing 
  • Resolution 
  • Color and Value Adjustments
  • File formats

Also a little bit about the color picker.. I hope to talk about and demo many of tools.  

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How to photograph and prepare art for the web

Here's a handout that Jesse Shanks prepared for anyone looking to photograph their art and post it up online.  Also, he wanted us to know that he is available to help out. He wrote:

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Where do you create your art?

Being in the process of building my art studio - (yeah!!!) after spending years and years painting in the garage, or the dining room, or the kitchen..  got me thinking, where does everyone in BGAA create their art?  If you have a studio, or a little corner.. would be fun to see pictures!   I love seeing pictures of other's art studios.  Mine's currently under construction so maybe I'll put up a picture when it's done (if it's ever "done").  It's an addition that will be over the garage.

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which do you like better?

I recently worked on a new painting - I was actually working on this at the Harvest days for those who were around then.  I was painting outside, and the picture blew over in a little gust of wind (after I painted all afternoon on it).  That was fun.   So, later that night I worked on it for 2 hours picking out gravel and dust. 

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Sell Art at Lifeline Connections Auction

Lifeline Connections in Vancouver is having its first fundraising auction.  They are asking for art donations. You are able to donate a % of the sale price and are asked to provide a 50 word or less bio ( and picture of the artist).


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