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Deadline Saturday, June 24 
Boomerang Fine Arts Call for  Art

“Cars, Cars, Cars”
   a pop-up exhibition in response to
   Cruisin' the Gut.


As we approach the month of July, all eyes are on the street in downtown.
We await the arrival of the cars. “Cruisin’ the Gut”.

We've been dragging our feet a little bit because the art exhibition that we are planning was a response to “Cruisin’ the Gut”and local news indicates the the event may be in jeopardy.

You may have read this: Link to Columbian Article 

We’ve been planning this since exhibition since last year and …. now, we have just decided to go ahead regardless of the disposition of the Saturday, July 15 “Cruisin’ the Gut”event.  Cruisin’ in the Gut is an annual Vancouver Washington phenomenon and either way ... we will celebrate.
Boomerang will host a "pop-up" exhibition of car art… “Cars, Cars, Cars”

We would like to invite you to participate and / or if you have a friend who is an artist, in any medium, relay this and invite them.

We will be featuring only local artists.

Link to this information and forms on the web:

Registration and Submissions:  Now through Saturday, June 24, 2017 midnight

(Links to Forms are below in RED)

Call for "Cars, Cars, Cars" Submissions - Please forward to your friends 
Artists working in 2D media of all types.

No entries or changes accepted after Midnight, June 24

  • Email Submission forms and photos:  Before Saturday, June 1, 2017, Midnight
  • Art take-in:  Saturday, July 1, 2017, 1:00-2:00pm
  • Show Dates:  July 5 - July 28
  • Viewing Hours:  Monday-Thursday 8a-5p, Friday 8a-9p, Saturday 9a-4p
  • Artists Reception: First Friday, July 7, 2017, 4:30p – 9:00p
  • Return Art Pickup: Saturday, July 29, 2017 10:00a –12 Noon

Location and Host: Boomerang Fine Arts, 808 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660


The exhibition is open to all 2D Artists – amateur or professional.
•  Artists working in 2D media of all types. Visual artists working in any water, oil or acrylic media are invited to participate. We seek original artwork.
•  We will accept works where vehicles: cars, trucks and two-wheel vehicles are the key element.

Boomerang Fine Arts is a part of the greater mission of Boomerang:  to inspire our local community to give back, believing generosity returns.
This goal interweaves itself in every decision we make including Boomerang Fine Arts. 
Boomerang reserves the right to refuse work at its discretion.  All Boomerang “Call for Art” submissions are juried upon merit and craftsmanship.

Entry Fee:
•  There is a no application fee to submit 1 – 5 entries.
Special: Student artists should email with a copy of their student ID requesting the special “Student Volunteer Plan”.
•  All art sales will be split with 70% going to the artist and 30% to Boomerang. 
If the artist chooses to donate their art in the spirit of generosity, they may choose any one of the Boomerang Causes and 50% of the sale will go directly to that cause.

•  Note: Artworks may be listed as Not For Sale.”NFS”
In addition, if you have an exclusive representation with another gallery, please use “NFS” or make arrangements with the gallery for a release.

Exhibition details:
•  Artist may submit up to 5 works. Note limitation:  If submitting large-format artworks; your submission may be limited. 
2D Limit is 80 inches on the longest side. All work must be able to be moved/handled by one person.
In the case of larger works a space limit may be imposed to reduce the number of works accepted depending upon space availability.

•  Delivery of Artwork:  Please deliver art on time as above on Saturday, July 1, 2017, 1:00p – 2:00
•  Early arrival artwork: please email to make special arrangements by email and be sure artwork is completely crated, packaged or blanket wrapped properly. All work must be framed or otherwise prepared to gallery standards “ready-to-hang”.
•  please no saw-tooth/zigzag hangers
•  Opening reception: Artists need to be available during the opening reception. (with exception for out of state artists). We ask that you make yourself available to guests during the reception to answer questions and share your work with the public at large.

•  Return Art Pickup:  Please respect our pick up deadline: Boomerang has no capacity for storage. The artist should be aware that the pick up is a very limited time and must make arrangements to have someone else pick-up if required. Any artwork remaining after the noon deadline will be will be stored in an alternate facility and daily storage charges will apply.

Art Submissions by email only. Email Applications and all materials to

Complete Submission Details 
Please title your email: “Cars Cars Cars"

In the body of the email  please include the following info:
1)  Artist’s complete contact info AND a short “Bio” (50 words or less) typed in a word “doc”, “docx” or “pages” file.
2)  Artist Statement: what inspires/informs the work. (50 words or less) typed in a word “doc”, “docx” or “pages” file.
3)  Up to 5 properly cropped jpeg images labeled as follows: Attach images of each work submitted, format: jpg at 1920 x 1920 pixel each (1920 on the longest side) with file names as follows: firstname_lastname_title_1. jpg,   firstname_lastname_title_2. jpg, etc…
4)  Complete and attach the supplied Boomerang Consignment Form. Note the form is a fill-in the blanks PDF. BE SURE TO SAVE THE FILE AS NEW FILENAME: It is necessary to save the file as a new file name. You must use this form. You may need to download a Pdf reader/writer or “Adobe Acrobat”. If you have trouble email us.
5)  Complete the Thumbnails sheet with all required title information. This is a word doc file and works with Apple’s "Pages" and most current “Microsoft word” applications. Note that photos may expand the table - this is OK.  * Please DO NOT use Google Drive/Docs.
•  If you have trouble with the on-line forms, email early for duplicate

All rights to the artwork remain with the artist. Artist agrees by submission to this exhibition to allow their images (with credit) to be used in promotion materials and press releases for the exhibition.

Call for Paper Art Submission forms for your use: 
Email Call4Art@

Link to: Call for Paper Art Submissions July Exhibition

Link to: Register and Consignment Form

Link to: Thumbnails and Images Form

".... we look forward to receiving submissions to this exhibition from local and regional artists in response to "Cruisin' the Gut"  We hope to demonstrate the talent of our local artists who produce original artwork and those willing to share their works with our community.”

- Tom Relth, Boomerang Fine Arts 

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May you be blessed as generosity returns!

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Store Hours Mon-Tours  8AM~5PM, Fri  8AM~9PM, Sat 9AM~4PM & Sun Closed


Event Date: 
Saturday, June 24, 2017 (All day)