Photoshop for artists - tech demo

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Here's a quick handout to go along with my tech presentation today.  It's really just the very basics and doesn't go into photoshop too much.  There's a lot I could cover, to really learn Photoshop well it's a good idea to go through a book or even take a class. This document covers the basics of:

  • Photographing
  • Cropping 
  • Image sizing 
  • Resolution 
  • Color and Value Adjustments
  • File formats

Also a little bit about the color picker.. I hope to talk about and demo many of tools.  




Thank you for a most informative presentation...and now a folow-up of your presentation in written form.  For folks like me, I need to review things many times before they start to sink in.  This handout will be invaluable to all your new BGAA students of Photoshop!


Diane Springer