BGAA October General Meeting Minutes

BGAA General Meeting

Battle Ground Library

October 20, 2012

Welcome:  Visiting, food – provided by Beth Johnson-Burger, Millie Kimery, and Jan Shanks.

BGAA Business:  Meeting Chair – Beth Johnson-Burger, President – Jane Poole.

New Member and Visitor Introduction:  Janet Bentley-Jones, Acrylic Painter, is a new member.  Kara Krieger-McGhee, Muralist and guest speaker.

Treasurer Show Report:  Andy Poole gave a brief Treasurers report.  He said the BGAA income will exceed expenses for the year.  Allowing for cash donations at the same time dues are paid will increase income.

BGAA Website – New Features:  Tom Wheeler showed new features on the website on overhead screen.  Tom has added a section labeled “Art Gallery” for members to post pictures of their artwork.  Artwork must be under 3mb to post.  Tom went through the procedures to upload photos to the website Art Gallery.  Another feature connects the artist name to his/her artwork by clicking on the artist name anywhere where it is mentioned on the website. 

Tom has added a list of members with web accounts in a separate section.  Tom wants to setup e-mail notifications if people look at items the members post.  He is working on a counter.

Members can pay dues on line by Pay Pal or credit card.  It was suggested that the payment section be moved to the end of the Membership Application Form and a Donation Form be set up separately.

Teresa told the members the BGAA General Meeting Minutes are now posted on the website.

Business Report:  Jane Poole announced the Art Coffee meeting was listed on the calendar wrong and to change it to the 20thas the meetings are always the third Tuesday of the month.

Jane Poole announced the BGAA slate of officers for a vote by e-mail held in November.

            President – Beth Johnson-Burger

            Vice-President – Linda Kliewer

            Secretary -  Teresa Anderson

            Treasurer – Andy Poole

            Membership/Website – Tom Wheeler

            Historian/Bios – Cheryl Hazen

            Publicity – Hilarie Couture

            Member at Large – Jane Poole

            Member at Large – Diane Springer

            Member at Large – Bev Winther

Jane announced the Spring Show scheduled for March 23rdand 24th.    A Call for Artists has been advertised.  Jane listed the Show filled positions and asked for volunteers to fill the other positions needed.

Spring Show Chair – Michael Kay

Adjudication: Beth Johnson-Burger (looking for judge, at least)

Awards: Diane Springer

Check In: Teresa Anderson

Check out:

Display/hanging: Paulette Smith

Donations/Drawing: Bev Winther

Entry Form/Prospectus: Jane Poole

Fund Raising:

Hosting/sitting schedule:

Music: Cheryl Hazen

People's Choice Award: Diane Springer

Publicity: Hilarie Couture

Reception: Linda Kliewer

Silent Auction: Andy Poole

Set Up/Take Down: Tom Wheeler

Positions vacant:  Check Out, Sitting Show, Fund Raising, etc.

It was announced that Fundraising would be done year round and volunteers were needed to work on this committee.

Report on Generations Show:  Beth Johnson-Burger gave a brief report on the Generations Show.  She said it was held the month of September and the reception was well attended.  Cleo Nutter, a first time young artist sold her piece during the reception.  It was her first show.  Beth said it was a great experience and would like to see more collaboration with other art groups.

Guest Artist Presenter:  Kara Krieger-McGhee, Muralist worked on picture backdrops about twelve years ago and she said that is how she started working in larger art. 

During a National Night Out event she got involved in discussions about the Anderson Dairy Building with Dan Mueller, President, Old Town Battle Ground Association.  They discussed the possibility of doing a mural with the history of business and agriculture in eras.  Kara was then asked to submit designs.  Kara brought out the 2-scale presentation with color she showed Old Town Battle Ground Association.  The Elks Club helped sponsor this project. May 10ththe contract for the mural was signed

The building was cleaned and painted including the silos.  Sidewalks had to be available for foot traffic at all times with no scaffolding.  The project cost $27,000.00 and was broken down in phases.  The door was painted to look like you are looking into the dairy and done on site.  All other parts of the project were done off site.

Kara had learned a new technique from Muralist, Larry Kingas.  She used Pelion or Interfacing coating it on both sides with Ducat.  This was worked on in a big barn on 179thStreet.  She would work on 12’x5’ pieces stapled on a frame.  Then she would stable onto wall in 25’ long sections.  She used exterior primer paint for the base coat.  After it dried it was cut into manageable pieces.  Proceed Golden line acrylic paint was used when working on the mural.  Kara liked the more liquid paint so she could blend.

Kara would measure and mark off section, use clear matt medium (texture of acrylic paint) and put on heavy with roller.  When the sections were hung on the wall like wall paper and dried it looked like it was painted directly on the wall.  Kara uses clear latex sealant and touches up areas on the wall every year as needed.

Two weeks were spent working on calligraphy and while hanging a large piece while on a lift a rain storm hit blowing rain on her work.  The ink started running on the piece.  After that she researched ink that was waterproof.

Kara has one piece ready to apply in a couple of weeks.  Three more paintings to do will bring it to current time in color.  This project stared in 2008 but after the economy fell it slowed the mural process.  The last painting on the Mural she did is the Logging Truck and the next one is to highlight The Reflector.

Kara said $4,500.00 more funding is needed to continue the mural after the last three pictures she is working on are complete.  She said the Mural will last longer than the building.

Kara is featured in the American Artist Women’s 15thAnnual Show, November 2012.  She said she is transitioning out of decorative painting.

Member Art Display and Discussion: 

Melisse Laing, Fiber Artist showed a wall art quilt.  Melisse dyes her own fabrics.  The quilt she showed was one of a series called Sticks.

Ken Meyer, Nature Photographer showed wildlife landscape and flower photographs.  He said he plays with the exposures a little to create his art.

Cheryl Hazen, Recycled Glass Mosaic Artist, showed her Revelation Board.  She said it took her three years to compete this project.  The background was iridescent glass making the figures stand out beautifully.

Tonya Gentleman, Painter, showed a Fantasy Mermaid painting and her Vision Board which is a collage piece.  Tonya said she is teaching the Vision Board and Picasso Children’s class at Gallery 360.

Janet Bentley-Jones, Acrylic Painter and New Member said she has been painting for two years.  She said most of her art was in a store in Camas but she showed two whimsical paintings in bright colors.

Jan Shanks, Oil Painter, showed a beaded necklace.  She said she normally does oil painting but has been enjoying working with beadwork.

After seeing the artwork, Andy Poole asked for artists to donate artwork for the Spring Show Silent Auction.

Group Activity:  Beth Johnson-Burger brought out a white board and markers asking the members to draw a line on the.  Everyone lined up to participate.  Each art line started once the artist put marker to board and ended when the marker was lifted.  Afterward each artist signed along the edges of the board.  A picture of the finished project will be put in the scrapbook and could be on display at the Spring Show.

Other Announcements:  The Spring Show Theme is “Imagination”

Linda Kliewer announced a Christmas party/changing officers meeting will be held at her home in December and an e-mail would be sent out to the membership later.

Linda Kliewer met and spoke to Rebecca Craig, Clark County Scholarship Program about the program.

The next quarterly meeting volunteers are Cheryl Hazen, Jane Poole, and Shirley Morsman.

Meeting Adjourned:  Noon

Minutes Approved by the board using e-mail on October 31, 201 


A correction was made to the Spring Show Chair.  Please note the Chair is Michael Kay.

Thank you and sorry about the error.