BGAA August 2015 Quarterly Meeting

Battle Ground Art Alliance
Quarterly Meeting @ Battle Ground Art Alliance
August 15, 2015 11am

11:00 - Business:

Cheryl did introduction. Covered a little business and gave really brief review of Amboy (not worth it) and BG Harvest Days (okay, room for improvement)shows.
Shout out to Michael Kay for building the new plinths for spring show.
Tom Wheeler sold 4 pieces to BG Library.
Tina talked about member books. Each member gets two pages, one for bio and one for pics. If you don’t have a page in the book you can e-mail it to or bring to next event.
Tuesday morning meetings or ¼ meeting.

11:30 - Guest speaker:

Nancy Farland spoke about a camp for adults in the creative arts community called Menucha. They just celebrated their 50th anniversary. Offers 1 week residential arts workshops the first 2 weeks of August. For artist of all skill levels. Dormitories on site. Family style meals. It is located on a bluff between Portland and Crown Point (exit 22). “Menucha” is Hebrew meaning ever-changing, renewing stillness. Cost for class, room & board approx. $700. More information at

12:30 - Activity:

Identify one item you would to have on an island after you were shipwrecked. In groups of 4 or 5 create a story weaving these items together.
Present stories to group. Some groups had resort islands. Some were there to stay. Others worked on being rescued.

12:55 - More business:

Garri Linardos appointed to be member at large to replace (?) who had to move to central Oregon.
Next meeting is October 17th 11am. Linda Clewer, Sue Kosterman & Jules (by proxy) planning. Carolyn Cook is willing to help with calls.

1:00 - Art Share:

Tina Hunter shared some mosaic pieces she put together after she fractured her thumb and had to change the way she works. These were all made from scraps.

Ken Meyer brought 3 photos described as cute, architectural & abstract.

Reba Cheryl (from Texas) shared her photography. She likes pathways, landscapes.

Sue Kostman shared and oil painting of Mt. Arinal in Cost Rica titled “The Eruption”.

Beverly Winter, a signature member of SW Watercolorist, shared some paper she had marbleized in a workshop. Sometimes she used paper that had a painting already on it, creating extra depths and layers.


Minutes were taken by Garri Linardos as Teresa Anderson was not available.  Thank you Garri!