which do you like better?

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I recently worked on a new painting - I was actually working on this at the Harvest days for those who were around then.  I was painting outside, and the picture blew over in a little gust of wind (after I painted all afternoon on it).  That was fun.   So, later that night I worked on it for 2 hours picking out gravel and dust. 

But anyway, I wasn't really satisfied with it, and I wanted to add more details..  but I think I might have made it worse.  Not sure.  Luckily I took an picture of it before I added in some white highlights.  I'm just worried that i overdid it.  I probably won't change it now, but I'm curious to see what others think..  let me know which version you like better - the before or after shot.  


lucia falls by Tom wheeler
lucia falls - after highlights


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I like the bottom piece more, because it seems brighter to me, more defined somehow.  The top has a nice soft quality to it as well, so both are good, for different reasons.

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Yeah, I really went back and forth a lot on how much detail to try to put in there - I wanted to keep that softness, but with some hard white edges too.. I probably needed larger photo reference to really see it.  That white water was pretty much chaos - constant motion -- I have no idea what made me think I could capture that accurately!!

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The second one is more alive. You can feel the water's violence.