How to photograph and prepare art for the web

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Here's a handout that Jesse Shanks prepared for anyone looking to photograph their art and post it up online.  Also, he wanted us to know that he is available to help out. He wrote:

"Thanks for offering to pass along this handout to everyone. I really had a great time teaching this, and I hope to be able to make it to some of the future BGAA meetings.

One thing I forgot to mention on Saturday is that I'd like to offer to do this for people, on a donation basis, if they still think it's too difficult to do themselves or if they'd just rather not spend the time doing it. I would take photos of their artwork, edit them, and upload them to whatever website(s) they wanted. What I would ask in return is a donation (whatever they feel it's worth), keeping in mind that I'll probably spend 30-60 minutes on each piece of art. So, if you could pass that along too I'd really appreciate it."

His contact info is in the handout.