BGAA August General Meeting Minutes

BGAA General Meeting

BattleGround Library

August 25, 2012


10:00 AM – Welcome:  Visiting, food – provided by Connie Ford

BGAA Business:  Meeting Chair – Hilarie Couture, President – Jane Poole.

New Member and Visitor Introduction:  June Whitney, Watercolor and oil painter, Lucy Krantz

Member Art Display and Discussion:  Tina Hunter talked about the class she took with Martin Sleek, mosaic artist.  She showed some art from the class. One piece fused glass with traditional showed bird, tree limbs and flowers that were fused in kiln on the art tile.  Another piece she did in Carol Shelkin class mosaic portrait artist from Philadelphia.  She worked off of a photo of the instructor’s friend and it took two days work focusing on the eyes.

Connie Ford led the group in an ice breaker called Paso to work on listening to each other.

Treasurer Show Report:  Andy Poole gave a brief Treasurers report.  He said the BGAA account had increased by $1,700.00 and the current bank balance is $5,300.00.

Business Report:  Jane Poole announced that BGAA was still accepting nominations for new board seats and those elections will be held in November.

Jane announced that BGAA would be purchasing Paulette Smith’s 3-D glass cases and that Linda Kliewer had donated 3-D black risers to BGAA.

There were one hundred fifteen participants in the Harvest Days Art Show and seven pieces sold.  Sixty-eight visors were handed out and decorated by children at the Children’s Art Tent one day event.  The committee members were Connie Ford, Paulette Smith, Cheryl Hazen, and Teresa Anderson.

The Studio Tour was successful.  Linda Kliewer was the Chair at this event.  It was decided that it should be opened up and done again next year.

The Spring Show needs a theme.  Submittals must be received by September 4, 2012.

Beth Johnson-Burger reported on the Generation Show and announced the September 7thArtists Reception.  She passed out post cards announcing the show for the members to distribute.

Paulette Smith announced that Olequa Vineyard along with Rusty Grape and Heisson were looking for artists to set up tents and show their artwork the weekend after Labor Day.

CDM Services (Grant Scholarship):  Laura Fitzgibbon and Kay Martin.

Described the art therapy services they provided.  Laura is an Art Therapist and says she works with clients that have brain injury, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.  Laura reported that her work increases the quality of life, especially for clients that can’t verbally express themselves.  Art allows them to share and relieves isolation.  Laura typically works in groups but does interact one on one.

Laura brought some art work projects that the clients had done.  She said they interact with shared experiences.  A lovely art piece from a non-sighted client was shown while Laura described working with the client hand over hand giving her materials to feel.  She said her client was proud of her art and shared with everyone.

Laura gave an example of shared art work that the clients had done with her.  She poured glue in the bottom of small boxes and clients put in shells, small pieces of drift wood, etc.  This was a sensory project which required the clients to make decisions about arranging shells, etc. in the box and share with other people.  Art assessments were made with all clients. The object was to create an animal.  Laura showed a dinosaur a client had crated.  She also brought in Mandela which a brain injured client loved to create.  Color, shape and form tell so much about your inner state.  Every year Laura helped him put together a book of pictures of his work.  One client could tell how many pictures Da Vinci did and what they were.

It will be three years before CDM will build a new building offering new services with the influx of new clients that is projected.

Guest Artist Presenter, Celeste Bergin:  Celeste lives in Portland, did her training in Chicago and has made a career in fine art mainly drawing and painting.

Celeste gave a talk about motivation as artists by creating a web presence.  She suggested we get a free Google blog and keep it updated.  More people get to know your name faster.  She suggested the book, Google Blogger for Dummies and other books that are available on the subject.  She said it was important to have a website, blog, business cards, and a positive & friendly attitude.

Celeste said to create a personal hook that makes you different and makes you stand out, using that to your advantage.  She also said it was important to have a paragraph about what you do, what you are about, and do it to memory so we can present ourselves well to places that might show our art.

Celeste said we should stand up and be proud about what we do.  She said we must look at alternative places to show art as more galleries close.  Celeste said it was important to take along a Press Kit that we have created from press clippings, pictures of our art, and other information about ourselves in a nice book form.  She said that potential businesses that might show our art like to know they are dealing with responsible people.  Celeste said we have to be willing to hand out flyers to our shows

Celeste suggested setting up test shows at banks, cafes, libraries, etc. by you or with another person.  She said you have to be a little bit selective, but find out what works for you.  She said to look for ways to keep motivated.

Use the same type face on business cards, blogs, web page, etc. as part of branding.  An artist should have twenty pieces to call a body of work and it should have a cohesive look to it.  Celeste said people like to see a production, not a painting a year.  And if you have to talk to people remember everyone in the audience is on your side.

Celeste brought examples of her work that she handed out as door prizes.

October General Meeting and Social:  Scheduled for October 20th, Chair –Beth Johnson-Burger, Millie Kimery, and Jan Shanks.

Art as we watch – Portraiture by Hilarie Couture:  Due to the lack of time this event was cancelled.   Hilarie agreed to be on the October General Meeting agenda.

Other Announcements:  It was announced that Bird fest is October 13 & 14, 2012.  Flyers were available at the sign in table along with Generation Show postcards and art magazines.

Meeting Adjourned:  Noon

Minutes approved with correction on September 4, 2012:  Page 2, Paragraph 3, sentence 1 spelling correction (Aliquot changed to Olequa).