BGAA August 2014 General Meeting

BGAA General Meeting

Battle Ground Library

August 16, 2014

10:10 AM – Welcome and Introduction: Cheryl Hazen, Brandi Rink and Teresa Anderson committee members.

Business Report - Beth Johnson-Burger, President: 
Treasurer Report:  Andy Poole gave the membership a quarterly Financial Report.
Income - $150.00 (3-months)
Scholarship - $1,000.00 ($450.00 to North Bank Art Talks, $500.00 to Clark College Gallery, and $50.00 Student Art Award).
Current Bank Balance:  $7,800.00

Northwest Oil Painters Guild Show 9:00 – 5:00pm, Reception 6:00 – 8:00pm.

North Bank Autumn Art talks are October 1, 8, 22, and 2014.  Subject:  How Art Talks to Us.  More information will be sent out to the general membership by e-mail.

North Bank Autumn Art Talks mentions BGAA on their website as well as other organizations that recognize our community art efforts.

Clark County Studio Tour is November 8 and 9, 2014, (Saturday and Sunday) and several Battle Ground artists are part of the tour.  More information will be sent out to the general membership by e-mail.

Gallery 360 is closing and looking for another location.  Members are encouraged to stop by before the end of August and say hello.

BGAA will not be conducting a studio tour this year due to lack of interest by art studio members to form a committee and organize the tour.  Possibly next year.

Beth thanked those members that returned their completed Questionnaire forms and asked the rest of the membership to complete the forms she distributed and return them to her by the end of the meeting.

Beth Johnson-Burger read the list of members willing to fill seats on the board in the upcoming election.  Beth asked for members to volunteer for the vacant positions as well as the other positions.  Brandi Rink and Tina Hunt volunteered at the meeting and were added to the list. 

Beth will send out and e-mail with the slate of members interested in running for seats as well as a request for other volunteers willing to serve on the BGAA Board.  The notice will go out the end of October or beginning of November.

Current Slate of Members Running For BGAA Board Seats:
President – VACANT
V-President - Cheryl Hazen
Secretary - Teresa Anderson
Treasurer – Andy Poole
Publicity - VACANT (currently 3-women committee)
Historian – Tina Hunt
Membership Chair – Tom Wheeler
Member At Large – Beth Johnson-Burger
Member At Large – Jane Poole
Member At Large – Brandi Rink

Clark Count Arts Commission is looking for nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award.  More information available at

Presentation by Pat Lacroix:  Pat said she recycles jewelry in a large case and has accumulated a volume of her artwork which she is now selling on Etsy.

Pat gave a wonderful presentation on how to set up and sell items on a website called Etsy.  She showed her web page on the computer using the overhead screen.  She said you first open a shop on Etsy and follow the instructions.  The website gives lots of information to help you.

There is no start up fee but they do require less then 5% commission.
Pat has items at Main Street Station and they require 10% commission on items sold.

Pat then walked through the various menus on the website, showing where you add a photo and give it a name and description.  Pat said she changes the name of photo files to names that can be easily found.  The website allows up to five photos of each item.

Pat demonstrated how to maneuver through the web site and how to add titles, documentation, etc. pulling information from a file she set up on her computer.  She suggested you describe the item so people searching can easily find your item.

In the Shop Section you can set up to ten shops and arrange them however you like.  Pat has set hers up by color.  She said it is easy to edit.  You can also link this website to your BGAA Artist Name on the BGAA website.
Pat said she spends approximately $3.89 per item to cover shipping costs.  She has enough built into the cost of each item to cover the cost of insurance.  Other members said they use priority boxes.  Members shipping internationally find it harder to get postage correct.  Pat will help members set up the payment part of the program.  Pat said you can find her items at:  www.Etssy/shop/

Meet and Greet:  Teresa Anderson setup BGART game using M&Ms for game pieces.  Everyone had a good time and there were four winners of chocolate bars.   This was followed by lunch snacks and visiting.

Demonstration by Sondra Smith:  Sondra gave a demonstration of oil painting on china and porcelain.  Sondra has been teaching art since the age of sixteen and she taught her Home Economics teacher to teach art at seventeen.  She married and artist and moved to the northwest.  She was asked to come to Dundee by a China Painter friend twenty-five years ago and five kilns later she teaches how to use her medium.  Sondra gets her china from different places.

Sondra recently attended a convention for Washington State China Painters.  The subject was American Wildlife.  She was written several books for china painters and passed them around the room for review.

Sondra demonstrated how she sands pieces after they first come out of the kiln.  Sondra said you can use old china as long as it isn’t scratched.  She paints and fires several times and uses a powder paint mixed with none drying medium.  Another medium she uses is a non detergent motor oil and paba oil.  The paint stays wet until fired.

Demonstrated her painting style which is backwards.  She has painted this method since the age of fourteen when she painted windows.  Sondra showed how to paint a scroll by using a dry brush and removing paint with each stroke.  Then she adds color with another brush and paint.  What you see is what you get as it doesn’t change the color.

She showed a piece that had white enamel spots and the blue on it was done by spritz with a mixture of sugar, vinegar, and water.  All of her china pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.  She passed out her china art pieces for the members to exam.

Her china cups sell the most and changes her designs annually as people collect them and people love her scroll work.  Sondra said too much paint will chip and too much oil will run when the pieces are fired in the kiln.  You can put oil paint on bisque.

Gold paint is applied with a quill pen on some of her work.  She does black with brush and pen, fires then adds colors before firing again. She said you have to keep the white color by not painting.  Her designs must have big and bold scroll work.

Sondra will be going to Spokane in a couple of weeks to work on animals.  She has a show in Olympia, WA and has another one in Leavenworth, WA.  Classes are $20.00/hr. and members could call her to set up classes.  You can contact Sondra Smith at

Sondra then asked members to try painting on her china pieces by painting over sections adding shading, etc. 

Member Art Display and Discussion:
Pat Lacroix – Showed small enamel piece of art.  She used an auto cutter to make a disk then hammers and dappling block to get the shape she wants.  Enamel powders are put on back using a torch to heat.  Then when it is dry she turns it over and uses colors of enamel powder and more heat from a torch.  A beautiful piece of art.

Melisse Lang – Art Quilting work, one of a series called Rain Sticks.  She dyes the fabric, then hand and machine works the pieces to create her artwork.  She is looking for a gallery to show her art series.  Melisse said she has some of her artwork in Art in the Boulevard.  She announced the American Art Company Quilters Show in Tacoma.

Garri Linardos - Showed some of her art photos.  Garri had artwork at Art in The Park.  She does image manipulation woven photo work.

Tom Wheeler - Is featured artist at the Library this month and his beautiful oil paintings were hanging on the meeting room walls.

Sondra Smith – Sondra stood up to say the shirt she was wearing was made by her from leftover quilts.

October 2014 General Meeting and Social:  Committee members are:  Jane Poole, Beth Johnson-Burger, and Garri Linardos.  Speaker will be Maureen Andrade, North Bank Gallery.  Demonstrator will be Tina Hunter.

Other Announcements: There was a reminder to members about putting images of their artwork on BGAA website and Face Book. 

Meeting Adjourned:  1:15pm