BGAA October 2014 General Meeting

BGAA General Meeting

BattleGround Library

October 18, 2014


11:05 AM – Welcome and Introduction:  Jane Poole, Tina Hunter, and Garri Linardos committee members.

Ice breaker by Garri Linadros:  Members asked to pair off and to note common answers to a question asked by Garri.  Then members were asked to find another partner and another question was asked.  After several exchanges a tally was taken to see who had the most answers in common with their partners.  Handmade cloth pumpkins in various sizes were awarded to the winners.  Everyone had a great time and it was a good way to get to know each other.

Presentation “Andamento in Mosaic” by Tina Hunter: mosaic artist and BGAA member. Ten years ago did a mosaic table.  She doesn’t really pursue selling her work as she has a full time job, but maybe at a later date. 

Tools:  Hammer and Hardie (to cut smalti and stone), nippers, scorer, wire cutters, heavy duty nippers (for ceramic tiles), pick, ring saw, protective glasses, and band aids.

Tina uses various glass tiles, broken china plates (which she started out working with), and other organic materials like (vintage door hinges, and rocks).  She worked on mirrors, picture frames, and home decor items in the beginning.  Then Tina took classes and began following several mosaic artists on Face Book, like Martin Cheek, with fused glass and traditional layout.  Tina then showed an example of a work done in his class.

Andamento:  course or direction, path or flow.  It is what gives it life and movement.

She began a study of four types of Andamento.  Opus is the Italian word meaning work. Tina showed four panels with a simple composition of a tree and sun where she will use variations of opus to achieve Andamento.

Opus Vermiculatum – creates lively background and is used the most in classic mosaic. 

Opus Regulatum – Regular patterned background.  Grout lines are lined up but don’t have to be just vertical or horizontal. 

Circumactum-is a circular or fan design giving movement and interest in the background.

Regulatum – Mixed

Tessalatum - a variation of Regulatum can be layed as a brick pattern.

Palladianum-is irregular cut tiles and the simplest to use.  Best for beginners to practice their cutting technique.

Tina said she uses a Weatie Board which is Styrofoam with thin cement covering on it.  She uses thin set or quick set to glue tiles down, and then sands it down level.  Thin set on thin set holds better.  Tina showed tiled pieces with vermiculatum on top and regulatum on bottom of the design.

She uses materials that are easy to cut and used if doing a lot of Andamento.  She likes to use a ring saw but doesn’t use a grinder as much.  She cuts large amounts of glass before working on an art piece but will go back and do a custom cut piece as needed.  Tina demonstrated cutting small T using a Hammer and Hearty.

Tina has a book on how to cut various rocks and stones.  She said you will know the veins in the stones after cutting stones for a while so you get good cuts.  She found door hinges at the flea market to create butterflies in mosaic which she showed the membership.  A beautiful art piece.

Tina took a class in portraiture and showed everyone her mosaic cat.  Mosaic pieces have to be tight in portraiture especially if you aren’t using grout.  Tina uses sanded grout.  She did a paver for outdoors and used an epoxy grout for it.  She likes black grout to make colors pop.

Tina puts photos into Paint net, and then changes them to black and white which gives her values.  She writes notes on these.  Tina then showed us the final portrait mosaic piece of her nieces.

Tina is practicing and studying Andamento.  She said it is more about planning now then the actual process.  Tina gets her supplies from Witsend Mosaic and  She has started making mosaic jewelry recently.  Tina keeps in touch with other mosaic artists with Pacific Northwest Mosaic Artists through Face book.

Business Report - Beth Johnson-Burger, President: 

Treasurer Report:  Andy Poole reported the BGAA account had $4.00 less on August 31, 2014 then today.  The full report is available if requested.


North Bank Autumn Art talk is October 22, 2014.  Speaker:  Sally Fisher, Manager for the popular Recycled Arts Fair in Vancouver, WA.  North Bank Autumn Art Talks mentions BGAA on their website as well as other organizations that recognize our community art efforts.

The Ridgefield Art group is changing name to Ridgefield Art Association and has a new President, Michael Harris.

Clark County Studio Tour is November 8 and 9, 2014, (Saturday and Sunday) and several Battle Ground artists are part of the tour.  More information will be sent out to the general membership by e-mail.  Post Cards were available to the membership.

Gallery 360 moved to Slocum House, Esther Short Park.  November 7th, 2014, first show “Phoenix Rising”.

Beth Johnson-Burger read the list of members willing to fill seats on the board in the upcoming election.  Beth will e-mail ballots to the membership.

Current Slate of Members Running For BGAA Board Seats:

President – Cheryl Hazen

V-President – Julia Koch

Secretary - Teresa Anderson

Treasurer – Andy Poole

Publicity - VACANT (currently 3-women committee)

Historian – Tina Hunt

Membership Chair – Tom Wheeler

Member At Large – Beth Johnson-Burger

Member At Large – Jane Poole

Member At Large – Brandi Rink

BGAA 2015 Spring Show:  Beth Johnson-Burger will send out an e-mail to the membership requesting theme ideas for the 2015 Spring Show.  The new theme for the show will be picked in November by the board.

December 16, 2014, 6:30PM, BGAA Holliday Party at Linda Kliewer’s home.  An e-mail will be sent out to the membership with food/drink suggestions.

North Bank Gallery Autumn Art Talks Presentation by Maureen Andrade: 

This is the second year in a row that North Bank Gallery applied and received the BGAA Scholarship.  Last year was building a stronger art community and this year was focused on creative media and recycling.

October 1, 2014, Amy Wilson, Program Manager for the Glean art program in Portland since its inception in 2011.  She is one of the founders of ReClaim It.  Their retail store sells material rescued from the Metro Central transfer station

October 8, 2014, Jim Martin, Retired biologist, educator and environmental activist.  An artist, writer, and works with Gallery 360 on arts education for at-risk youth.  He gave a fun and informative presentation on the mechanics of the brain and creativity.

October 22, 2014, Sally Fisher, Program Manager, Recycled Arts Fair in Vancouver, WA.  “People who visit the festival are both amazed at the creativity and inspired to rethink what they do with unwanted items in their homes.  Clark County Environmental Services produces the festival each year as a way to heighten awareness and create a community buzz around recycling and waste reduction.”

Maureen showed a recent article in the Columbia Newspaper and her Fall Art Talks Poster.  Several of the BGAA members have attended the North Bank Artists Gallery Fall Art Talks.  They are informative and fun.

Origami Pumpkins:  Members received instructions and various sized sheets of orange paper and were told how to make an origami pumpkin.  It was a fun activity though some of us struggled a little.

Art Share and Discussion:

Kathy Winters – Talked about painting in small Irish towns.  She is doing a series starting with Irish Windows #1.

Pat LaCroix – Creating jewelry from a bag of computer aluminum parts from Power Up.  She has been hammering them, and mixing with sterling to create different configurations on necklaces and earrings.  She will be set up downtown Vancouver on the Studio Tour and is at Main Street Station.

Michael Kay – Busy shooting artists work and making prints.  He showed one of his art pieces, Lucia Falls.  Michael is using Focus Stacking software which allows combing of several photos in a unique way.  He then showed a beautiful example of his work.

Sondra Smith – Showed a dramatic black and white painting of Zebras on china.  She said black and red are the most difficult to do in china painting.  Sondra showed a painted coffee travel mug which she sells for $45.00.

Connie Ford – Is working on baskets lately.  She has two shops showing her work now.  Osterville and Presipius.

Garri Linardos – Showed fabric flower pins she makes that attach to clothing with small magnets.

Jane Poole – Brought three of her books.  She took a year off are to write.

Cheryl Hazen - Is one of the vendors at Urban Basics located on Main Street, Battle Ground.  Her work will show and sell through December 2014.  Urban Basics redid the upstairs area of their store and put in stalls for up to sixty vendors.  Space rents for $20.00 to $180.00 depending on size.  Example:  5x8 - $100.00 and tables for $20.00.  They are open 9:30 – 7:00 everyday except Sunday.  Urban Basics Open House is:

January 2015 General Meeting and Social:  Committee members are:  Teresa Anderson, Tina Hunter, and Pat LaCroix.

Meeting Adjourned:  1:30pm