Watercolor of Amboy Territorial Days Parade by Jane S Poole
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Artist Statement

I see artist "creations" as copies or rearrangements of what God has created. I started watercolor in 2004 to portray my grandchildren. Once paints were in hand, however, I wanted to paint everything—from mushrooms to motorcycles. My paintings are usually realistic, although I have done abstract painting and stylized murals. I also work with clay, particularly porcelain. I let the porcelain speak its own beauty, rarely glazing a piece, and I single fire my work in an electric filn. I do only hand building because this gives me the greatest sense of creating, recalling that God "formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life." I want life to breathe into and out from my work.

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Mission: To guide women writers and artists to marketing success by helping them gain confidence, establish good work habits and create promotion tools.

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Writer Bio

Jane S Poole loves the rainy Pacific Northwest as a nest for contemplation and art. She writes in several genres and is an artist in water media and clay. She has made two trips to England for Frances Rolleston: British Lady, Scholar and Writer of Mazzaroth, a first biography, written in familiar style. Previously published books are First Son, Seventieth Son: Sons in the Bible; The Forbidden Answer and its sequel Secret Friends, Secret Foes; and Adam’s Astronomy: The Original Zodiac.

Published Books

First Son, Seventieth Son: Sons in the Bible. Stories of sons in the Bible with their birth order, name meaning and life lessons. For men and boys and families. 52 pages, self-published with CreateSpace, 2012.

Secret Friends, Secret Foes. Sequel to The Forbidden Answer. 111 pages, self-published with CreateSpace, 2012.

The Forbidden Answer. Contemporary fantasy for young teens set in the Pacific Northwest. 181 pages, self-published with Create Space, 2012

Adam’s Astronomy: The Original Zodiac. The story of the prophetic use of the stars and constellations. 67 pages, Wipf & Stock, 2008.


Published Poems and Articles

“At Dusk the Gardener’s Eyes Stray Upward.” Poem. The Salal Review, Vol. 13, Spring 2013.

“Stars Alive!” Article. Teachers of Vision, Vol. LV, No. 3, Winter 2010.



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Author page: amazon.com/author/janepoole






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