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Pat La Croix is a jewelry artist, watercolorist & photographer.   After leaving the corporate world in 1993, she started on a path of exploration.  She worked in oils and acrylics then took up the challenge of watercolor painting. Geology at Clark College shaped her understanding of the Pacific Northwest and sparked an interest in rocks.  She then experimented with metal arts from small jewelry pieces to small sculptures, and took the first metal sculpture class in conjunction with the Welding Program at Clark.  After moving to 2 ½ acres in the country she took the WSU Master Gardener Class.  Those skills and interests intersected in her current love of jewelry making, currently shown at Aurora Gallery, Vancouver.  Her affiliations include:  Clark County Arts Commissioner; Arts of Clark County; founding member, past VP & press chair of Battle Ground Art Alliance; past president of GFWC Battle Ground; member of FVRL Battle Ground Design Team; Master Gardener; member & past president of SWWS; member of Portland Bead Society; past Board Member of Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce. 


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