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Portrait of Garrett, by Tom Wheeler
Painting of Arch Cape, Oregon coast, by Tom Wheeler
painting of rocks on water - art by Tom Wheeler
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I studied Art and Illustration in college, at Brigham Young University where I received my BFA degree in 1997. Some of the notable artists I studied under included Bruce Hixon Smith, James C. Christensen, Brett Helquist, Doug Fryer, Richard Hull and Robert Barrett.

While studying there, I decided I needed to get into computers and learn some skills to help me get a steady job while I pursued my art on the side.  This led me to eventually focus on building web sites and even learning to program.  Since 2000 I've been teaching at the Art Institute of Portland, in the Interactive Media Design program. I love teaching and I've taught a variety of subjects... everything from drawing to website development.

Painting is my passion, and for a long time I asked myself - "What am I doing learning all this programming & spending all this time working on computers..."  but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy that too.  I guess I just enjoy making things, from paintings to websites.  God has blessed me with various talents, and I recognize that these gifts come from him.



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